Two car collision blocks Sinderland Lane for a time near Broadheath

A two car collision occurred during the early evening of September 29th on Sinderland Lane near Broadheath.

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One car had driven off the road and is currently stuck on farm land, the other car was smashed up at the front and had its air bag activated during the crash.

Two people a man and a woman went back to the car on the road and did not look injured although the blonde woman looked shaken up.

Other cars had stopped and parked up on the side it is unclear why this was, no ambulance or police were seen for sometime according to the reports we have.

Traffic was held up for a time, the crash happened at an accident hotspot with many car collisions at the S bend on what is one of the most dangerous roads in Trafford.

A mile or so near the crash scene parts of Sinderland Lane was under water and no flood warning signs were seen.

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