More cyclists will be injured or worse as Trafford Council dither on road safety

Another close call for a cyclist in Trafford on what has been called one of the most dangerous roads in the borough.


The individual has reported several times about Sinderland Lane from crazy dogs running out or popping up over the wall to insane drivers with no regard for safety of others and themselves.

Today September 29th the cyclist tells us he felt the driver of a van go past him at a rate of knots and was only a few inches from hitting him, had he been on something faster or had got out of the saddle and got some speed up he would have been knocked down.

Some people new to cycling may have been spooked by this and actually picked up speed and right into the back of the speeding van.

This shows to Trafford Council of a serious problem on all parts of Sinderland Lane and more so on every bend, later during the day we got reports of a crash at the S bend very close to where the van almost knocked down the cyclist.

We understand that Sustrans have got the abandoned rail line that runs very close to where the white van almost knocked down the cyclist, this route would take all cyclists away from this dangerous bit of road and would be incredibly popular, we ask Trafford Council to put pressure of Sustrans and get this opened up as a cycle path sooner.

Despite Sinderland Lane’s problems it is Washway Road and the entire length of the A56 that has the worst statistics for accidents where sadly some people have died.

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