We explore why some of our young people are causing problems in Trafford

We explore the reasons behind why our young people are currently causing problems in Trafford.


danage to a car in Sale

We would first like to mention all those kids who are doing the right thing and actively helping their communities in all wards of Trafford, often articles are written forgetting these amazing individuals.

The problems are varied as to what is going on with our young people, we have heard a wide range of opinions, we agree with them all! however, we believe its mostly to do with boredom! they have no youth centres, nowhere to go and if you are a mum or dad reading this article you probably don’t even know what your kids are up to.

You can only do your best bringing up kids and cannot control much of what goes on outside of the home, one of the things is peer pressure! the “You do this and you are in our gang” type of thing.

Over the past two years, we have found drug taking a huge issue, mostly done in cemeteries and parks, although this year we have not seen as many of them silver canisters with gas in them that is supposed to get someone high.

The problem is once a child is hooked on any drugs it must affect the developing brain, changing the chemistry and of course they become addicted, if they come from a poor household this is where things can get tricky, if a parent or a family member notices money gone, or that their child is no longer using the money in the normal ways, like buying sports gear or bringing home a game then it is time to investigate.

We have seen big gangs in Walton Park and Pinky Park often causing trouble, but more making the parks feel unsafe for elderly people, although they have the right to be in a public park, to often they are either seen fighting or taking drugs.

These kids also are causing problems on our streets at all times of the day and night, today we got reports of three teenage boys on mountain bikes causing anti-social behaviour on Chestnut Avenue in Sale, residents tell us no one knew them and it was completely random.

One of the teenagers threw a golf ball at a car window (See picture) and caused alarm to elderly residents.

We have heard also problems all around the Sale West Estate, this type of behaviour is not just confined to Sale, it goes on everywhere and is becoming a big problem that police are trying to get sorted out.

It is right and proper we blame the last administration for dumping our kids on the scrap heap by shutting down all the youth centres, this has been unhelpful although I think we all can agree on the current administration at the council has done nothing to reintroduce these youth centres.

Since Trafford Council can find the money for many things these days, we are sure they can find some for our kids, it would not mean building new places, the youth clubs that were shut down and still unused can be brought back to life again, getting staff would be easy!

Getting these kids in Youth Centres will help keep them from linking up in our parks where they can be anti-social and we want the council to seriously get this sorted out for them.

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