Friends of the Earth are saying Trafford scores poor on Climate Change

The Friends of the Earth have scored Trafford as poor on dealing with Climate Change.


SAICA paper Mill Partington

They scored our borough at 60% which they say is poor compared to other local authority areas.

Trafford needs to do much more if Climate catastrophy is averted.

The borough needs to much better on improving home insulation, increasing renewable energy and increasing tree cover.

Freinds of the Earth say Trafford has only 5% woodland, they say that the highest proportion of trees in a similar area is 20%, this makes the council look even more pathetic and the dummed down councillors who do not ask why the council keep felling healthy trees.

Trees are great at removing cabon from the air around us.

26% of communter journey are made by public transport, cycling and walking, they say that Trafford should aim for 60% by 2030.

31% of homes in Trafford are well insulated, poorly insulated homes cost more to run which is inefficient and contrinutes to fuel poverty, Trafford needs to ensure all homes are properly insulated by 2030, we expect housing providers to turn a blind eye!

59% of household waste is reused, recycled or composted, Trafford should aim for 70% by 2025.

Trafford has 25 megawatts of renewable energy available, if the area matched the best or similar local council areas it would have 90MW, we are aware the Green Party will be talking about this at a council meeting this week.


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