A Housing developer is back with new plans for a housing block on Warburton Lane in Partington

Housing developer who first proposed to the council to build 24 x 2 bed block of flats is back with a new bigger proposal.

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This time the block of flats that will be built where Partington Social Club is standing on Warburton Lane in Partington will be 30 x 1 bedroom flats managed by Adactus Housing Group.

The block of flats will be all affordable and look very nice, and in keeping with the looks of the area, the grass verge will be kept at the front as will be the car park, the war memorial will be moved to Hall Lane as the huge development will need that bit of land.

With this new housing development comes 22 new car parking spaces and a place to put cycles, Partington has the lowest cycle crime of every area in Trafford.

The problems though will surface and rightly so as existing residents will be alarmed at yet more housing developments being dumped on them, they will all understand the housing needs,  and more so the need for more one bedroom accomodation.

When a housing developer builds in an area it must look at the wider picture, how many shops does the area have, what are the medical facilities like and so on, in Partington they are barely coping now! looking even wider we can see Heath Farm Lane just around the corner due to be built, the possibility of Warburton Lane housing development being built and we have Peel’s Lock Lane housing development just about to get underway.

Looking at the infrastructure of the area it will not be able to cope, we ask the housing developer to be mindful of what exsisting residents are worried about and put in place plans to make sure that them worries are put to rest by making sure that they will not be impacted this includes all the new people coming into the area.

Lets look at what Partington has now and for the foreseeable future:

  • 1 post office that was meant for about 5 people and we have been told the current owners are selling.
  • 2 doctors in 1, we are reliably told one side of the doctors are struggling due to doctors going part time
  • 2 chemists
  • 1 Heron food store
  • 1 small cramped up Tesco store
  • 1 Bargain Booze cramped
  • 1 convenience store on Oak Road
  • 1 convenience store on Wood Lane
  • 1 petrol station which includes a small convenience store
  • 1 bakery place with a low food hygiene rating score
  • 4 take aways
  • 1 social club
  • 1 paper shop
  • 1 community centre
  • 2 parks
  • 2 trails
  • 1 sports centre
  • 1 boxing club

Give or take one or two more places this is all they have, currently over 9000 people live in the area, with all these new housing developments and if people move in to them the area will swell to around 12,000 people maybe more! with the same infrastructure you can see why not only are many residents concerned but we are also.

We have not even mentioned the road and pollution issues yet or the mega beast down the road in Carrington which will further add to Partington and Warburton’s misery!

The land where Partington Social Club is should be redevloped into either more shops or entertainment infrastructure not housing in our opinion, land where RedRow want to dump a huge big housing development on Warburton Lane (although the houses look nice) should be made to leave the western side alone and build only on the eastern side.

The new housing development on Central Road will be fine its small and would benefit the area, Peel’s Lock Lane is already underway so nothing can be done now and of course Heath Farm Lane has already been approved and by both male Partington councillors!

Partington residents must now take some interest in what is going on around them, it is useless talking to your political councillors who have already proven to you to be dummed down! it is for people to get on to Kate Green and tell her of your worries, form a facebook group and campaign every step of the way and we will be right by your side.

Do nothing about this then you will see the biggest problems you will ever face, this is not a warning, just look ahead, think about what we have always said, put it all down on paper and see that all these housing developers have not given any thought to infrastructure, any thought about your area none oof them have! and you will soon see that you will all need to take action as one! not pockets of people as has always been the way, but as one! then you will have a chance to save what is one of the best areas of Trafford if only you cared about it enough.


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