What has gone wrong at Manchester United?

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It seems the world is talking about Manchester United’s slide from greatness so we look at what is going on at Old Trafford.


Ole thums up: Pic by Darren Marsden

Since the days of the great Fergie where United won almost everything, the club has slipped up a fair bit with several managers and millions spent on new players unable to provide the fans with the success they deserve.

Even the special one ‘Jose Mourinho’ could not give them everything although out of every other manager since Fergie left he was the most successful one winning the EFL Cup, and the Europa League for the first time and the FA community shield, although before Mourinho became the manager Louis Van Gaal managed to win the FA Cup but was sacked just two days later.

Ole Gunnar Solskaegar who used to play for United was installed as a temporary manager and won all his games, the fans were seeing the football they had been used to under Fergie, the calls were to keep Ole on as manager, Edward Woodward gave him a contract as a full-time manager, sadly since then United have been in free fall.

Ole has signed some players, Harry Maguire being the one that sticks out, he has settled in well and is playing well with Lindaloff, the long-running saga with goalkeeper David De Gea was ended when United offered him a new and better contract.

The fans and the YouTube fan channels have mixed opinions, some say get rid of the manager whilst others blame it all on the board.

Let’s look at the reality, if United get rid of Ole and bring in another manager this would cost United a lot of money, so presuming they have a new man in charge, this guy will have the same players who really have proven to be less than what is expected, he will have the same problems.

What is needed is for Ole to stay, for the board to back this man and get rid of the players who really should not be wearing a red shirt, and bring in players that will play for the club, that will do everything for that badge and of course, get well paid for doing so.

This will cost a fortune for Manchester United who now will find revenue nowhere near what they have been getting, less because they are no longer in the Champions League and sponsors will start hitting them over performance, if the problems continue they could even pull the plug on them,

Most fans would not mind Adidas going since they have come back the quality and designs of its football shirts and training wear is as bad as Nike!

United could pay for 2 or 3 players so long as they got some money back from selling others, let’s look at that! how much would you pay for Phil Jones? £10? what about Ashley Young? or Fred? who would want to but Jesse Lingard now? or Marcus Rashford who looks like he needs a long dose of depression medication he is that fed up!

Pogba is class when he wants to be, in the right team he will be class all the time and he is not wanting to stay at United, of course, its all about the money and if it is right he will stay, the problem is until United get some real quality in that side he will be waisted, for us we think he should leave for his career and sanity.

The kids need to be kept but looked after at this time they are being asked to do too much and could end up burnt out this will include James who is only a young man and at this moment seems to be the one people are turning to and that is wrong, he cannot take the responsibility.

We have to look at the training situation, they all look not only fed up but unfit, injuries seem to be a problem, of course mostly because United have no options but to play someone with an injury due to the lack of numbers, only recently we saw Pogba playing again even though his ankle was swollen, they must have drained the fluid from his ankle and iced it for a couple of days.

United fans are right to be concerned, no club is too big to drop out of the Premier League and on the current form they are heading for the exit, it is unthinkable but it has happened in the past.

The second half of the season will be crucial and if Ole is still the manager he better buys some quality in the January transfer window and he will have to look hard as many players tend to stay put until summer.

What can fans do? well without them the club would die, it is the lifeblood of any football team, suggestions of boycotting games have been mentioned to stop buying from the club, many though come from outside of the UK and they will not understand what is going on or are one day-tripper from the far east who really are not fans of the club, it is these people who spent up to £500 or more on a match day at the club shop.

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