BT Mobile to launch 5G in Manchester

BT Mobile will launch it’s own 5G service in Manchester and 19 other cities and towns today October 11th.

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Upgraded masts in Timperley: Image by Darren Marsden


The telecommunications company that supplies broadband and tv packages actually ownes mobile network operator EE although EE itself will have the lion share of the signal.

BT 5G will be available in mostly the north of Trafford to start with and will work its way towards the south of the borough which we estimate will be next year.

5G has never been proven safe by anyone in the industry or the WHO (World Health Organisation) Public Health England simply passes the buck on to the World Health Organisation.

Trafford councillors have sadly been dummed down about 5G and the felling of perfectly healthy trees, it is them that we need on our side, they are dummed down because the people of Trafford have not yet really caught up with what 5G is yet, despite our and other people’s efforts most people believe that 5G is safe and is the same as what we have always had…it’s not on both accounts!

At this time in places like Altrincham and Sale mobile operators have upgraded 4G masts which are now 4.5G this is not an issue, actually having 4G masts upgraded to 5G is not a problem, the issues are when they stick antennas and masts everywhere else, even the back of a park bench of all places, expect many to go on trees soon!

5G frequencies will increase significantly, the power will be increased and now we will have a thing called ‘beamforming’ does this sound like what we have always had? really? of course not it is a completely different technology.

It is simply unsafe and so much so a community in Devon has managed to get the local council to halt any roll out of 5G until it is proven safe (which it won’t be)  Other places are halting 5G because of safety concerns including abroad.

Trafford has the chance to halt 5G if only we all got together and told these dummed down councillors who spoke for most of the council meeting on Wednesday about there expenses instead of what they should have been talking about! you the resident!

Please use the template to contact your local councillor about stopping the roll out of 5G.

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