Carrington Parish Council is dissolved after councillors walk out due to anxiety and stress

Carrington Parish Council has been dissolved and all parish councillors resigned after they were all subject  to some scary incidents.

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Carrington Business Park: Credit Google Maps

Parish councillors was subject they say to a series of incidents such as anonymous calls, abusive phone calls, homes being watched, personal details being shared and disgusting hate mail.

In a final statement all councillors told of the stress they have had to put up with due to the abuse and harrasment from some members of the public, the parish council have spoken to Police about the incidents and are making enquiries.

Carrington is going through a real change, the small village will soon change into almost a small city once all the work by HIMOR has been completed and will need to have a Parish Council.

Although we have no idea what these people went through and it is believed are still going through it is hoped that councillors will keep open the path back as the community will need you to help them with the upcoming changes that will change there lives forever.





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