Aircraft polluting the world needs to be reduced or ended to help with Climate Change

Airliners need to be doing much more to reduce the huge amounts of pollution aircraft pumps out every day.


Contrail over the Sale area of Trafford: Image by Darren Marsden inc cover photo

Pollution from an aircraft is off the scale, a 747 or A380 operating today will be the worst offenders because they have four engines, however, a twin-engine jet can also be a bad polluter.

The contrails you see in the sky from behind an aircraft (often mistaken for a chemtrail by conspiracy theorists) is the pollution that contains a lot of metals, soot and greenhouse gases such as Nitric Oxide, Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide, where the conspiracy theorists have got it right is when we see the white contrails it means the pollution has turned to condensation and at a very high altitude will turn to ice, as the contrail mixes with normal cloud it will cause a thing called ‘seeding’ once the cloud drops in altitude the contrail will form water droplets at a microscopic level, this will fall to earth by itself or mixed with rainwater.

We cannot though explain what the dark cloud is that separates from the white contrail.

British Airways have done something about reducing the pollution, we are hopeful all the other airlines will follow suit, BA is to end all use of its 747 fleets by 2024, KLM in 2022 and others will follow, this will reduce the CO2 by a lot, A380 aircraft though will continue to fly for many more years despite production ending.

An electric aircraft is a good option, however technology to have aircraft operate electric is not here yet and could take a decade or more for Airbus or Boeing to get something made that is safe.

We have read that making flights less attractive so we do not fly is one option, it sounds good however in reality airlines would go out of business meaning millions of jobs will go and products will not arrive for months as the world would have to do its business by ship, it is thought the first electric aircraft may fly using fuel as a back up.

AV geeks (Aviation fans) are unaware of the aircraft they love is seriously causing damage to our planet, sure aircraft look great, the noise they make, the excitement and joys of being at an airport watching the aircraft is a great experience make no doubts about that, just when you look at the reality they do not seem too great anymore.

We have one planet, one home and if we do nothing it will become one disaster of a scale that you may never grasp, of course, the world leaders, our MPs and councillors are the very people who can get the change needed, Our council talks big but nothing is ever done! knocking down all our trees then we see MP Kate Green promoting a campaign to plant thousands more is confusing! using the blame game is not what is needed, blue, red and yellow and a bit of green needs to stand as one on climate change.

Airlines too need to come as one, the entire industry to find a way to clean up its act.

To see more technical information on aircraft pollution please click this LINK

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