Wiggle Manchester Half Marathon and the throwing of bottles issue

The Manchester Half Marathon got underway at bang on 9am today October 13th in damp conditions.





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Over 13,000 runners started and all eager for the running to get underway.

Due to the poor conditions not many spectators  turned out this time around although we can say many Sale residents turned out to cheer on the runners.

Some people we spoke with though was unhappy with where the organisers had put the bins for the runners to throw bottles of water, many of the runners were seen almost slam dunking the drinks and many of these ended up elsewhere.

In one instance someone actually hit a pedestrian, many other people escaped by the skin of there teeth! the positioning of the bins so close to an entrance from the Bridgewater Canal was an accident waiting to happen, the runners did not intend any harm to anyone however slam dunking and throwing bottles of water often at high speed is a little bit inconsiderate.

During the full marathon earlier on this year we saw runners throwing bottles at themselves! we witnessed a runner throwing a bottle in full view of a child! of whch the mother got upset, we reported these issues.

Overall though the half marathon was a success, we have not yet heard of any moaning motorists giving stewards a red ear, although we could not fully understand why the organisers blocked of some parts of Washway Road further down near Eastway.


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