Royal Mail wokers vote for strike action

Royal Mail workers voted for strike action in London earlier today (Oct 15)

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Photo by Ethan Wilkinson on Pexels.com

The vote was 97.1% in favour of strike action, the dispute is over terms and conditions of employment.

Despite the vote going the way of strike action Royal Mail could not tell reporters when the strikes will take place, speculation then started and it could be that they aim for Black Friday or even Christmas which would seriously hit Royal Mail and cause headaches for customers.

Last year strike action was avoided after boses decided to pay more money, reform pensions and to cut working hours from 35 to 32 by 2025, it seems this is all at risk after a new CEO was appointed.

Royal Mail is still in talks with the union CWS and has said that despite the strike vote workers have to go through proceedure,

A spokesperson for Royal Mail said:

We want to reach agreement. There are no grounds for industrial action. Industrial action – or the threat of it – is damaging for our business and undermines the trust of our customers.

Royal Mail wants to transform to meet our customers’ changing needs as we post fewer letters and receive more parcels. Working together at pace, the transformation is about ensuring a more sustainable Company, a fairer working environment, the best terms and conditions in our industry and a contemporary Universal Service.

You can view the full statement from the union CWS HERE

white printed label

Photo by Ethan Wilkinson on Pexels.com

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