Download a great song from Wayne Devlin to help raise funds for Blood Bikes


Wayne Devlin who will be appearing soon at the Urmston Christmas lights switch on wants you to be aware of a special organisation.

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The organisation is called ‘The National Association of Blood Bikes” and Wayne is using his song ‘What Colour is the wind’ to raise much needed funds for the organisation.

Blood Bikes has to date 3372 volunteers who transport donated blood and blood products to hospitals and air ambulances, they also transport donated breast milk to poorly premature babies nationwide.

Wayne said:

“There is an organisation you may not know about called The Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes who do an amazing job, and what is even more amazing is that all the staff are volunteers who do the job for free in their own time.

With its roots going back over half a century, the concept of a rapid response motorcycle based charity, run by these unpaid volunteers has an impressive track record. More than one of the current Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes (NABB) member groups can proudly demonstrate in excess of three decades of continual service to the NHS and the wider community.

Since its inception as an umbrella organisation in 2008, NABB has successfully promoted and been actively involved in the start up of numerous independent Blood Bike groups across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. With only a handful of areas not yet covered by a Blood Bike group, their vision of providing a ‘coast to coast’ service is rapidly becoming a reality.

Although they are all volunteers, they operate to professional standards and comply with current legislation relating to their activities, which includes GMP training.

The 25 NABB member group’s 1,400 advanced qualified volunteer riders responded, on average, to around 35,000 requests for rapid transport from 262 hospitals in the UK. These requests were to transport anything from whole blood (red cells), platelets, plasma, serum, surgical instruments to patient’s notes, X-rays, Human donor milk and MRI scans.

These requests ranged from urgent (Priority 2), through to emergency (Priority 1) life threatening scenarios. Although these groups have saved a significant amount of money for the hospitals, they are primarily acknowledged by their client hospitals as providing a professional and high quality service. The fact that they do this free of charge is just the icing on the cake.

Blood Bike groups essentially need two things, volunteers and financial help and, with your assistance, I would like to assist with the latter.

Over the years I have donated sales of my singles to various charities with some success. With this in mind I would, again, like to use my single ‘What Colour is the Wind’ to support the Blood Bikes and help raise much needed funds that the group can use to not only continue doing their great job but also expand and reach their ultimate goal of a coast to coast service.

The track can be downloaded securely by clicking this link>>> https://waynedevlin.bandcamp.com/track/what-colour-is-the-wind

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