European Space Agency asks “Is the Earth on Fire” we investigate

The European Space Agency has asked the question “Is Eath on Fire” following the devastating fires on going in California and around the world in 2019.


Wildfires in Aug 2019

This year has been a bad one for the Earth with fires, the space agency says that fires this year have been five times worse than last year with over 79,000 fires on the earth detected in August 2019.

The data reveals 49% of fires were detected in Asia, around 28% were detected in South America, 16% in Africa, and the remaining were recorded in North America, Europe and Oceania.

We are all aware of the devastating fires burning in California right now which has it’s been reported got so bad Arnold Schwarzenegger and others from Hollywood had to cancel the opening of the new Terminator movie, his house is also in danger of being destroyed as the fires continue to spread out.

Winds have what caused California’s current fires and although today October 29th US reporters are saying that wind has now gone and some residents have had there electric switched back on, although another wind event is approaching, so firefighters and the 2000 volunteers will have a bit of time to get some of these fires out.

It seems western Los Angeles is safe for now as the fires have been contained, firefighters will be working around the clock to make sure all fires are out before this next wind event.

Remember also we are coming up to the 25th cycle of the sun and approaching a solar minimum which means we will see more extreme weather events around the world.

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