Apple showcases its new expensive AirPods Pro

Apple have showcased its new Airpods Pro which will be available from October 30.


The wire-free headphones look much better than the first AirPods and do much more such as noise isolation, a more comfortable fit and a nicer design.

These new headphones have a thing called ‘Transparency Mode’ which once switched on leaves you to listen to your music but also to hear what is going on around you.

Powerful bass is delivered by a custom-built high excursion, low distortion speaker driver, the AirPods pro automatically adjusts mids and highs.

The AirPods Pro has an amplifier to remove background noise from an H1 chip which also gives clarity to songs, it also helps with power consumption.

Apples new Airpods have within each pod an H1 chip this has they claim 10 audio cores which helps with the noise isolation.

Without any doubts these new AirPods are a huge improvement on the original and much more powerful, they will cost £249 standalone or you can have them with a plan from a mobile operator.

You can buy direct from Apple by clicking here >>> https://www.apple.com/uk/airpods-pro/

Our view is although these headphones look great and have some great technology within they are a little on the expensive side, and despite the claims that they lock within your ear they will come out of your ear at some point.

Looking at the bigger picture we think a pair of Bose would be a better way forward, it has excellent technology within and £179.99 that’s if you wanted a wire-free design and you can purchase from Bose https://www.bose.co.uk/en_gb/products/headphones/earphones/soundsport-free-wireless.html#v=soundsport_free_wireless_purple

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