Trafford Environmental Improvement Team find one of the worst fly-tips ever seen

Trafford Environmental Improvement team was out and about on October 29 when they came up against the worst fly-tips ever seen.

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They went to Carrgreen Lane in Dunham Massey and on Gorsey Lane in Altrincham.

If you have any information about where this may have come from please email EnvironmentalEnforcement@trafford.gov.uk

The biggest fly-tipping ever seen by a News4Trafford reporter whilst heading for Manchester Airport was on Clay Lane, the fly tip shown in the pictures was nothing compared to that, with some 60 full bags of rubbish dumped and other things.

Some of the big fly tipping has also been found in Partington although News4Trafford and residents regularly reports fly-tipping in the area to keep everything ticking along nicely.

We ask people to sign up for a My.Trafford account  and report events as soon as you can, it is real easy to do and will not take long, doing this also helps councillors with the ‘supposed’ high demands.

Fly tipping is also an offence, people have been sent to court and will think twice about dumping stuff where they had no rights to do so and as ever you never know who is watching even in the dark!

We have also seen a bigger issue with people dumping bags of shrubs and other garden stuff due to One Trafford not coming out to empty the green bins, residents have contacted us about this problem and we understand the issues are around the changes to new changes made to collection rounds.

Fly-tipping is more of a disgrace since all the tips have a 2 ton yearly limit of all household waist, they say anything to do with the home you can bring to the tips even in a trades van!

What we can see in the pictures could have been dumped at a tip from what we can see, it could be the tradesman did not know this! and dumped his load on the side of the road, that is incredibly unprofessional and scruffy and is not wanted in our borough.

Lets keep everything clean, for visitors to see that we look after everything even if the dummed down council does not, although we pay council tax for the services Trafford Council like all other councils are stretched and for the coming year  to the first quarter of 2020 Trafford are £35,000 in deficit for potholes! and are having problems financing adult social care along with other services.


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