Gloucester House Medical Centre in Urmston rated inadequate by inspectors

Gloucester House Medical Centre in Urmston is in crisis after being rated inadequate by Care Quality Commision inspectors.

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The list will shock the 5000 plus patients as inspectors rated the medical centre:

  • Safe: inadequate
  • Effective: inadequate
  • Caring: requires improvement
  • Responsive: inadequate
  • Well-led: inadequate

On specific services at the medical centre:

  • People with long term conditions: inadequate
  • Families, children and young people: inadequate
  • Older people: Inadequate
  • Working age people including those recently retired and students: inadequate
  • People experiencing poor mental health including those with dementia: inadequate
  • Vulnerable people: inadequate

In the report summary it gave some very concerning things such as whistle blowers offering inspectors information about the medical centre.

The inadequate ratings for this medical centre is so bad a GP we contacted said it could be shut down simply because it is not safe for anyone as the report and summary suggests.

This is simply disgraceful for the medical centre to let all its 5000 plus patients down so badly, we have never seen such a poor score for a medical centre and can only hope the medical centre sorts itself out as soon as possible.


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