A nice message left by the flight crew on the last ever El Al Israel Airlines 747 flight

The flight crew of a retiring 747 had a special type of message for everyone this afternoon (November 3 2019)

Screenshot 2019-11-03 at 2.12.00 PM

Goodbye message:  Credit flightradar24

El Al Israel Airlines last ever 747 flight took off from Rome bound for Tel Aviv, tracking it on Flightradar24 we saw the aircraft dip to around 10,000 and then went on to show what looked like a 747 picture, because flightradar24 leaves a trail behind every aircraft the flight crew was able to draw the aircraft with some skill!

In 1969 Boeing introduced the 747 to the world and it was a huge success, people loved it and so in 1980 Boeing decided to give the 747-200 an upgrade to the 747-300 which gave the top part of the jet more length although the upgrade did not increase the overall length of the aircraft or any upgrades to the flight deck.


Virgin Atlantic 747-400 from Manchester: Credit Darren Marsden

In 1985 Boeing gave the 747 a proper upgrade, it was much longer and added an extra 1,900 miles to the distance it could travel, the latest on board tech for both customers and the flight deck and is what we have now the 747-400.

Some more modifications have been made, however what you see in the sky today is 1985 technology, it has done its job for the airlines and sadly has contributed to climate change and it has become a pricy ride for the big airlines with fuel costs rising all of the time.

With the newer range of twin engine jets that are more fuel effecient and loaded with the latest technology the days of the 747-400 was numbered, today (November 3 2019) will see the retirement of the EL AL airlines 747-400 as it took off from Rome to Israel for the last time.




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