Benefits freeze comes to an end next year says the Government

The UK government have said that the benefits freeze will come to an end next year.

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As the General Election gets closer the Tories will be offering sweeteners to get gullible people to vote for them and this is just one of the tricks they are playing.

The benefits freeze in the first place was only hitting the most vulnerable hardest and was not needed, any pay increase in benefits is only around £1.30, although still, a rise would not offer a great deal to people.

Of course, all political people will be offering sweeteners to grab your vote on a range of things, Labour will be at it also! however they will be less brutal to the most vulnerable in society, they understand that many people who are on benefits are trying to find work, or cannot work due to disablement something the Tories did not understand.

The real world is miles away for the cynical Tories who live in cloud cookoo land most of the time, they should have ended Universal Credit, it costs millions and peoples lives as suicide rates have increased due to sanctions.

The bedroom tax was a dreadful attack on people on benefits and cannot be forgotten when you go to the polls to vote! how can anyone say this was a good way to help them? they ruined people’s lives! this is the reality, not the tales of a Tory mind!

We agree though that some of these people on benefits could do much more to find work, some are sitting at home even now smoking away, sipping endless cups of tea and watching daytime TV! and not even disabled! however it did not need the Tories to call them liars or other names, all that the government needed to do is get them out on training schemes and whilst on them they had to look for work, keep them active! do more in communities with job clubs and so on! making it compulsory so they will attend for whatever length of time it would take for them to gain employment.

The Government must know that the majority of people are unskilled, why could they not do something with this? would it have not been cheaper than waste it on a dreadful benefit (UC) that has caused so much distress, caused anxiety in communities and with that an increase in crime.

Ending the freeze will be of course an eye raiser, it is though as we have said nothing more than the Tories trying to gain votes, just like the fracking pause! a cynical con to the gullible amongst us.

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