Flood alert for Sinderland Brook in the Partington area

The Environment Agency has called a flood alert for Sinderland Brook in Partington and water levels are increasing in other parts of Trafford.

As we have had non-stop rain all day many of the big roads in Trafford are under water, Washway Road is down to one lane in most parts tonight South bound.

Eastway in Sale is down to one lane just before the shops, other areas will also be affected, as for the rivers, Flixton and Sale are on the rise and heading for flood alerts if we have any more rain tonight.

It is an improving picture though as the rain drifts away and brighter and dry conditions will be had for Trafford tommorrow  more so during the afternoon you can see the latest weather forecast on our weather page.

Current water levels: (m)= metre

  • Partington: Sinderland Brook: 1m at 11pm (Flood Alert)
  • Flixton Bridge: 3.7m at 11pm rising water levels could see this area on flood alert
  • Sale: 3m at 11pm and rising flooding at this area of the Mersey is just over 4m

Baguley Brook at Northern Moor  is leveling off at just under 1m.

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