Transit of the planet Mercury across the Sun can be seen on Monday

A special space event will happen this monday where we will see a planet go past the sun and everyone can see it.

Screenshot 2019-11-08 at 10.43.10 PM

Planet Mercury: Credit Wikipedia

During the afternoon of Monday 11 November and if the conditions are good we will see the planet glide past the middle part of the sun and for some time, the event will take many hours so plenty of chances to see the planet.

It is special because you will not get another chance to see it again until 2032! so fingers crossed we will have good conditions on the day.

The UK will see it as the sun goes down, we suggest though never to look at the sun with your eyes this is incredibly dangerous, to see the planet safely and the best way to view it is through the proper equipment, cameras with filters, or Poke a small hole in an index card with a pencil point, face it toward the sun, and hold a second card three or four feet behind it in its shadow.

If the conditions are good enough you would be best looking from mountains or bridges that has a clear sighting of the western sky, Partington although at sea level is a great place to see any sunset, although Cross Lane Park has very high trees around the abandoned mini golf course which could cause issues.


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