Black Friday is coming soon and we take a look at what’s on offer

Black Friday is coming soon and people are already saving up to grab a bargain or two just before Christmas.


This year’s Black Friday event is on November 29 and we have checked out some stores on the internet where we think is the best place to get the best savings.

Amazon will be the place where many people will look, last year though for us Amazon offered nothing great, simply put the offers they had last year was what they have always had, nothing different which was a great disappointment.

Sports shops will have some bargains, Sports Direct normally offer a £10 store voucher rather than having anything eye-opening, although it is likely they will add on store windows and the website about a sale! however, the prices will be the same as normal.

If you are in on the hunt for a mobile phone we expect Carphone Warehouse to be the place to shop this year, they had some bargains on pay monthly and pay and go.

Tesco Mobile has already started early Black Friday deals, remember though the price you see on the website is for 36 months! the deals also include a very small amount of data, 1GB of data is not enough for anyone, your mind might think because you have WiFi you will not need it.

Believe us! you will end up using up that small data allowance every month and spending at the higher rate, even with a safety buffer you will be paying more! so make sure if you are going with Tesco Mobile to get around 3GB data.

If you want something electrical get down to Currys PC World, they had some of the best deals around last year, and do well all year round, John Lewis is also a good choice if you are looking for a bargain.

The bike shops will have some deals, Halfords is expected to be offering some good deals on bikes, remember though unless things have changed suddenly you do not get a free bike check! so if this is the case before handing your money over make sure that bike is working properly! the £10 gift voucher is something but the free bike check is a little bit more important more so if you do not know anything about bikes.

We have covered a lot of things and expect more shops to be having a Black Friday event on the 29th, make sure if you are going out shopping to keep things safe as it is expected pickpocket gangs will be out and about waiting for a victim, do not be one! keep everything in a zipped pocket, nothing open, handbags are easy for pickpockets, phones in the back of a pair of jeans is another one! you will not feel anything other than the bang on the shoulder!

Try this for yourself! get a family member to go past you and to bump into you with your super cool iPhone 11 pro in the back pocket, where was all your focus when that person bumped into you? it wasn’t on your phone, was it? do you see how easy it is now? stay safe and have a great day shopping either online or out at the shops.

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