Big shock coming for some Virgin Mobile Pay and Go customers

Virgin Mobile has an expensive shock for many of its Pay and Go customers later this month just in time for Christmas.


Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com

The mobile firm operated within the Virgin Media bubble announced this week that customers will be on the Vodafone signal in 2021 after shaking hands on a five-year deal.

Virgin will now hit many of its customers with a new tariff from November 18 that will mean the following:

  • Every customer on the new Tariff that starts a phone call will have to pay £2 for 200 minutes in that day
  • Anyone sending the first text will have to pay £2 for 200 texts
  • And £2 for just 200 mb of data every day

According to Money saving expert Virgin Mobile are not saying which price plan is to be changed.

We expect that once you are out of your £2 bundles you will be charged 1p a minute and 1p per text and an extra £2 for every 200mb data you use which will take all your credit, £6 every day!

Pay and Go is already a rip off, although we suggest moving to Giff Gaff or a sim only plan with Tesco Mobile, it is so easy to switch just one text and your move to the new network will be in process.

Text 65075 to your network and they will send your PAC (Port Autherisation Code) and you then give this code to your new network, so you would get a Giff Gaff sim and get it all activated online and submit your pac code and your new sim will have your number on it within a day or two, in that time your old sim will still work until the moment your new provider (Giff Gaff) takes over so no issues! the number will always be active.

Remember Virgin uses the EE signal and if you do go with Giff Gaff or Tesco Mobile you will then be on the O2 signal.

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