Remembrance day in Sale was well attended

The sun was shining on what is one of the most important dates in the calendar ‘Remembrance Day’

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It was to be a great day for everyone to come out and show their respects for all those that died for us in both world wars and in recent wars abroad, a time to give our thanks to those that returned home with life-changing injuries, and for our armed services currently keeping the peace abroad.


Many of the councillors and the leader came out to show their respects along with Sara Todd, Western looked like he needed another couple of hours in bed.

On every event at Sale, a fair amount of police was always seen at all the roadblocks and in the crowd, some might say a little too many however this year no police were at roadblocks and from all sides, no police could be seen anywhere else other than one car near the railway pub.

People will be standing silent at the war memorial in Sale tomorrow for two minutes at the 11th hour of the 11th minute.

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