The planet Mercury safely transits the Sun we have the pictures and video

Due to bad weather here in Trafford people could not view the transit of Mercury, so we have the next best thing.


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We have got enhanced photos and video of it going past the Sun, although only short it gives you an amazing view.

The next transit will be in 2032.

Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system and looks much like the moon it has not atmosphere and is unlike any other planet in that its locked to the sun on a 3:2 spin.

Temperatures on the surface of this planet is to hot for human life or any life.

The sun is currently in a solar minimum and it will be in the 25th solar cycle very soon this means Earth will be impacted although it is thought nowhere near as bad as the last one.

Nasa and others claim during this solar minimum some places will drop in temperature so much so that plants will not grow and crops will fail, the worlds food production will be strained and shortages of certain foods will become an issue for everyone around the world.

It will not last forever, however due to climate change things could get complicated, it could turn out that airliners who pollute our sky could help keep some of the heat in where it is needed, since it traps heat and also reflects dangerous radiation from space.

(Many thanks to Nasa for the image and video)

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