The things that can kill or harm you whilst in the countryside or in parks

We have ten things that could kill or harm you whilst in the countryside or in parks in the UK.

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A nasty Tick 

Many people are unaware of the dangers and so we have all the information below:

  • Ticks- these tiny bugs wait of a human in long grass or leafy areas including parks! they are normally bite from knee height and can cause Lyme Disease which is a nasty disease, pop singer Avril Leviegn suffered from the disease and almost died, around 10 people every day get Lyme Disease in the UK, even if you are the lucky one and do not get Lyme Disease, you could still die from other symptoms such as heart attack, or have life changing problems such as artheritis. More information here
  • Bee or wasp stings – You might think ahh! its only a sting but that sting could cause death as the body reacts to it shutting down your lungs and tightening the airwaves! other symptoms could either kill you or cause fever like symptoms.
  • Hairy Catapillars – these things are nice to look at, however you must leave them alone, if you touch them they will release tiny hairs in defence that will cause itchyness and can cause breathing and eye issues.
  • Cows – You will be surprised but around 20 people are killed by cows, it seems they are scared of pets, cows kill people through a stampede so do not go anywhere near one if your out and about with your pooch.
  • Deers – These shy animals are nice to look at and in a controlled way you can feed them, people though have died when through being charged! it would come from out of the blue and the victim ends up being stabbed and punctures lungs or worse through the heart, deer causes many car incidents every year in the UK
  • Giant Hogweed – This is a nasty plant that once identified needs to be burnt down by specialist people, once you touch this plant it releases some sap which burns the skin, its further problematic as once on the skin will forever burn when the sun gets to it.
  • Thorns – Five people every year die from a thorn scratch! once your cut from a rose bush if your unlucky and you get an infection it is likely you have tetnus, it is then you will need to go to the hospital and get a tetanus jab.

The Adder snake is also something to think about when out in the countryside, although it is unlikely you will see one, when you do you are advised not to bother with it, although if your a photographer take your picture from a distance using your telephoto lens or bridge camera, no one has been reported to have been bitten by an Adder snake.

Spiders in the UK have no venom that will kill anyone or cause any side effects other than a little cut to the skin, they do bite though.

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