Powerful earthquake hits Indonesia triggering a Tsunami alert

A powerful Earthquake has hit Indonesia, the first earthquake measured 7.4 magnitude and was followed by many strong after shocks.

Screenshot 2019-11-15 at 1.02.22 PM

Epicentre of a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia: Credit USGS

The epicentre was in the waters east of Bitung Indonesia, the 7.4 magnitude was then downdraded to a 7.1 and was then followed by many powerful aftershocks.

After an hour had gone from the 7.1 magnitude quake a 5.8 magnitude hit the area then a 6.0 magnitude hit around two hours later, other earthquakes have measured around the 5.0 mark.

A tsunami alert was triggered by Indonesian authorities however since the 7.1 magnitude earthquake was so deep it was unlikely a tsunami will happen.

Indonesia is on the so called ‘Ring of fire’ and has many earthquakes every year over 6.0 magnitude, this one and with the powerful after shocks was felt inland and got many people concerned.


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