Police warn motorists not to be obstructing pedestrian areas in Trafford

Trafford police have warned drivers about obstructing pedestrian areas or double parking near Trafford General Hospital.


Vehicles in trouble: Credit GMP Trafford

Police have said that five vehicles so far have been issued with a Traffice Offence Report around Moorside Road in Urmston.

The issues are to be monitored on a daily basis and police say those that ignore the rules of the highway code and cause any unnecessary obstruction will be issued with a ticket and could also have their vehicles removed by an authorised recovery truck which means added expense of getting your car back from a police compound.

If you have any doubts about what the Highway Code is then you are asked to look at section 243.

Despite police action around the hospital residents have been showing problems in other areas, we are aware of the on-going issue with drivers trying to cut the queues on The Drive in Sale where several have been recorded going over a pavement which is incredibly dangerous.

We have seen paths blocked on many occasions in other parts of Trafford, Washway Road in Sale is one of them, it is fully understood that police cannot be everywhere and not enough of them to do everything due to the Tory cuts, even with the handful of new officers promised it will still not be enough and so it will be hard to catch everyone.

The council deals with parking on pavements.

Still the same we suggest people take pictures of vehicles breaking the rules of the road and send them to police with date and time and road the vehicle or vehicles are on as soon as you can.

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