The leaders debate was won by no one leaving many people still undecided who to vote for

The ITV leaders debate was a score draw with Johnson and Corbyn going head to head in what was a farce.


Jeremy Corbyn at the leaders debate

Brexit was spoken about however the General Election is not just about Brexit! they both repeated everything we already know about.

The NHS is where Corbyn won the night, he even showed documents from a freedom of information request that Johnson and his Tory party would sell the NHS to Donald Trump, no answers came back on that one, instead, Johnson dodged the questions.

Austerity was another winner for Corbyn as Johnson answered something you could easly see he was making up in his mind rather being genuine like Corbyn was.

The debate audience though could be heard laughing, often sounding like they were drunk! the laughter though was at both leaders which made a lacklustre debate more of a farce.

Although many polls are saying both leaders scored even in this debate, we felt Corbyn won by some margin, he was much more relaxed, so relaxed his glasses was lobbed sided.

Other leaders like Jo Swinson  could not join in on this one, although they had a chance during another live show later on.

The General Election is not just about Brexit and people have to remember that whoever is elected on Dec 13 will be in power for sometime after.

Brexit was a bad idea by one of the worst PMs the UK has ever had in David Cameron, and the leave and remain campaigns should have been halted due to the utter lies we seen and heard, because of this and even though much of the country voted to leave, it was done so on a lie! how can your leave vote be valid?

It is agreed that we need to have our own laws, and not be ruled by the EU, it is agreed that those that are not supposed to be in the country shoud leave as soon as possible, and we should make sure everyone that is contributing to society no matter where they are from are kept here and have no fears of having to leave.

Nigel Farage is a dictator! a guy with serious skills in communication, a master manipulator and although seemingly a nice man is someone who cannot be trusted, a closet Tory for sure, changing politics and all what you may have heard is his own imagination of what his world is like, not what reality is and so his Brexit Party will fall at the first hurdle and watch Farage run off to a studio in London to resume is radio job which he is best in as he is not doing any damage and  something he is good at.

We have heard all the lies with promises of billions of pounds of spending, when we all know the UK does not have that much money to spend, what we suggest is to look at what each party has done in the last couple of years, find out which one damaged society the most and you will only find the colour blue!

The frustrating thing is, now they need your vote all political people will bend over backwards for you, maybe if you need anything doing now it is the time to ask! as after Dec 13 the promises, the pretence of giving a hoot about you and your area will vanish into thin air.

We thought also that the other political party’s should have been on that show, instead they did another show a couple of hours later which kind of made them look like they were from a football team from a Sunday league team, this treatment was totally unfair, the Lib Dems, Greens and SNP would have made this debate a better watch and next time we suggest to ITV to make sure the audience either shut up or better come in sober since they shown no respect to either leader.

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