Land next to Partington Shopping Centre should be used for entertainment infrastructure and taxi rank

Work could get underway on a new elderly housing development on land next to Partington Shopping Centre.


Many people though are telling us that they want that bit of land as an entertainment venue and taxi rank.

The area is crying out for a proper venue, and with thousands of more people likely to swamp Partington once all the housing developments around it have been built more adults will need to go somewhere other than a very old Workers club that we have been told not many people like anymore.

A Taxi rank would be very welcomed in Partington and this could be situated in the same building.

Although it seems plans are for elderly housing development are at an early stage and nothing has been planned yet, we are hopeful as is Partington that the Councillor who let the rabbit out of the bag with the news will listen residents of what they want to see beng built at the site.

Public consultation must be the next stage of any plans the council has with the land near the shopping centre.

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