Many dead after an aircraft crashes into houses in DR Congo

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An aircraft has crashed into homes during take off at Goma airport in DR Congo on 24 November 2019.

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The aircraft was a Busy Bee Donier 228-200 aircraft and was on its way to Beni which is just a short distance in Congo with 17 passengers and 2 crew on board.

It took off and crash landed shortly after into homes where more people were killed, the latest estimate is 24.

Officials are saying “The aircraft missed its takeoff”

Not much is known at this time as to why the aircraft crashed, although many people are saying it was engine failure, the aircraft is a twin turbo prop operated by Busy Bee Airlines.

The Donier 288-200 is an old aircraft operating its first flight back in 1981, although we are not sure how old the aircraft that crashed today was as many more could have been built since then, according to our research the primary users of this aircraft is the military.

Back in 2011 a Donier 288 would have cost you almost £9m.

An investigation will be under way as to the cause of the crash.

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