Police arrest three youths carrying knives in Broadheath

Police arrested three youths yesterday Nov 23 after finding knives on them in the Broadheath area.

Officers got reports from members of the public that a group of youths were seen with knives and patrols responded.

They were all searched and three had knives and a sword and they were arrested.

UK law says that unless you have three reasons for carrying a knife are:

  • Use at work
  • Religious reasons
  • Carrying a knife as part of a costume

Anyone under 16 just carrying a bladed item could get up to 6 months inside and a fine, if an indivdual is proven to be using a knife in a threating way then the courts could give him or her a sentence of 4-years and a fine!

Alison Saunders from the CPS said: “Teenagers need to be warned that carrying a knife, even having one hidden in a school bag, can have a massive impact on their future.

“Knife crime can affect anyone, not just people in gangs. Young people say they carry them because of peer pressure or for protection – but in fact you are much more likely to become a victim of knife crime yourself. Situations involving weapons can quickly get out of control.

“If you are found with a knife – you will be arrested and are very likely to be charged with a crime for a first time offence.

“We must challenge the assumption that it’s normal to carry a knife. It isn’t. You are putting yourself, other people and your future at risk.”



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