Trafford cinema bans the film Blue Story after a serious incident in Birmingham

A mass brawl on Nov 23 at a Birmingham cinema meant all VUE cinemas will no longer be playing the film Blue Story.

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The VUE has a cinema in Altrincham and the film is not listed anymore, all showcase cinemas also are not playing the film.

Trafford Centre’s Odeon Cinema is showing the film, this may though change.

The brawl happened after the film ‘Blue Story’ had been shown, although some people feel the incident where a youth could be seen holding a machete is not related.

Five teenagers including a girl aged 13 have been arrested after the mass brawl at the Star City complex in Birmingham, police say they had to deal with over 100 youths, tasers had to be used to restore some order.

Cinema goers and other people at the complex said they had never witnessed anything like it.

Whilst makers of the film including actors are saying it was not the film that caused it police are keeping an open mind.

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