Mummified animals found in Necropolis Egypt

Mummified animals have been found in Necropolis Egypt and was showcased to the world in Saqqara on November 23.

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The rare finds included mummified cats, Cobras, Birds and Crocodiles, along with masks and other artefacts.

Tests are currently in operation to find out if two mummified animals are lion cubs, if they are this is a very rare find.

Saqqara is an ancient burial ground in Egypt where all the tombs are standing including the Pyramid of Djoser which has six tiers and has four sides, it is thought the pyramid is the oldest in Egypt thought to have been built in the 27th century BC.

Djoser was the king of the third dynasty in 2667-2648 BC he is believed to have ruled for around 19-years, just long enough to get the pyramid built.

The latest finds by archeologists in Egypt are currently on show at a museum in Saqqara which is designed to help with tourism.



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