Partington Parish Council buys a £2000 sound system with residents money and won’t be lending it out

Partington Parish Council has decided to buy a £2000 (estimated)  PA system and have said they will not be lending it out.


Documents read that they have bought the system and it seems behind residents backs since investigating we can not find any proof of a consultation to see if the 9000 or so residents wanted this system.

The Parish Council since we got on their case some three years ago, and some big help from a former Tory and Parish Councillor have become more open about what they do, and are seemingly doing more in the community.

At one time the Parish Council did not know who was responsible for cleaning some parts of the village, a meeting was held and now everyone knows what they are responsible for, looking at that deeper it meant from day 1 the Parish Council did not know what it was responsible for.

Because of this fact, people must be feeling a little bit ripped off! however because of our work this Parish Council is now fully aware of it’s duties.

Having spent £2000 on a PA system though is fine for what it needs, not telling people about this must be something residents must be feeling a little angry about.

We hope after this article the Parish Council can come clean about this PA system and come clean about anything else they buy in the future, we have asked them for a response and they simply said that we should go down to the next meeting which is simply not good enough.

This article is to help residents understand what is going on behind the scenes and what their money is being spent on, this information is not readily available and would not be shared by any of your political councillors.

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