Two innocent lives lost in the terrorist attacks in London

Met police have given an update as to what went on today around the London Bridge area in London.

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Image from YouTube

Two innocent people have been killed by the offender and three more are in hospital in a stable condition, the offender also died after police shot him on London Bridge at 2.03pm approx.

The trouble started five minutes before when the offender attacked people at Fishmongers Hall.

Met Police earlier on confirmed this was a terrorist related issue although they are keeping an open mind.

The HGV vehicle that came to a stop on London Bridge was not related to the incident although police did check it out at the time.

A cordon will be in place or a while.

For more information and details of who to contact if anyone has any information can be found here https://www.met.police.uk/notices/met/incident-london-bridge/

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