Sale Square Christmas lights switch on 2019 and a new tree

It’s that time of year again where all the Christmas lights are switched on and today it was  Sale Square Shopping Centre’s turn.

All the kids was having a great time and mums and dads watching on feeling proud, even the Mayor of Trafford looked to be enjoying the fun.

It was nearer the time to switch on the lights, and looking around not as many people turned up this time, maybe some are getting a little fed up with the same old pretend glitch and that dreadful tree! however Sale had a surprise this year with we are told three real trees although we could only see two.


The new trees in Sale

So it was that time…kids mums dads and dogs all looked on waiting for something great since now new trees have been installed….gasp and people could hear you….oh no! not that dreadful pretend glitch again to which we could clearly hear groans…more glitches and then….oh! another load of groans and someone in the crowd clearly said “Is that it!”

It though did not ruin anything, everyone had a great time and we thank the organisers for putting this on every year.



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