We have the solution for those with mental health issues who no longer have a voice

We have the solution for all those people with mental health issues who no longer have a say in their care.

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Park House in Sale: Credit Google Maps

Since Trafford Mental Health Advocacy Service (TMHAS) that operated from Park House in Sale sadly was abandoned by the then ruling Tory administration people with mental health issues have told us they are no longer getting the care they once had.

When TMHAS was operating the service gave everyone a shout, made them feel like someone cared which had a nice side effect on those that used the service as it helped them with confidence and anxiety issues, often the advisors would talk with them although not in a therapeutic way, it was of help though to the many that amended.

Now many of these people no longer have a walk-in service like that they have no say! their voice is not heard over the bureaucratic bullcrap that is often very loud and confusing to them, some social workers to psychiatrists have dropped in standards ever since.

Advocacy must be something political people should get sorted out here in Trafford, a walk-in advocacy service for everyone, with people that will help get them to interviews and DWP appointments, who will help them get the right care they deserve if things go pear-shaped.

When things go pearshaped now with say a social worker the patient will try to get the point across but often no matter how loud he or she shouts the individual is not heard and so the patient becomes more unwell, with the only lifeline being the GP that he or she cannot get to see!

From the Tories to The Greens, no matter who it is, these people must get something done for the many people with mental health issues who are increasingly becoming desperate to be heard.

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