Partington had a little bit of a Christmas and everyone loved it

Partington has for long enough been neglected by the council more so at Christmas! they though had something to be proud about last night.

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We understand the car park was full of people and many stalls and rides were on hand to keep the kids happy.

The lights were switched on with Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham giving locals some warm words.

The issue with the lights was because Trafford Labour councillor Adele New’s ‘Freinds of Oak Road Group’  went behind the Parish Council’s back rather than go the proper way and leave it to them, it seems the PC was unhappy about what the park group had done, although we believe money from the crowdfunding went towards the tree and other things that made the night a good one for the locals.

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The crowdfunding appeal that residents gave money in to get some type of Christmas was a great idea, this should happen again for next Christmas and so on.

Peel own the shopping centre, so for next year those that are in charge could get together and ask if it could be possible to add some lights to the shopping centre making it a little bit more special.

Partington’s tree standing proud looks much like the Sale Square Shopping Centre tree with one big difference! something was on it.

Well done to the organisers for putting on a good show using we believe the PA system that the parish council did not say anything about, we have been told it worked so well everyone in the village could hear it.

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