Sinderland Lane not just for speeding cars but one where fly tipping is a big problem

Sinderland Lane that goes thorough Dunham Massey and Trafford has always been a very dangerous road, it is also one for fly tippers.

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On one part of Sinderlamd Lane we have seen some of the biggest fly tips and sadly another huge fly tip has been seen.

further up towards Partington nearer the Environment Agency water level testing area on the Sinderland Brook a black couch has been dumped and has been that way for a while now! a little further on we saw a fly tip just before the Sports Centre in Partington.

Fly tipping is a disgrace more so when a public tip is just around the corner, you can dump for free up to 2 tonnes of ‘Household waste’ we have been told by workers at the Broadheath tip that you can even come in a trades van! so long as your waste is household you can dump anything you want.

The fly tip we saw nearer the tip was mostly household although one item nearer the bushes was not household, we did not know what it was.

Let’s be clear everything household is free to dump at the tip! no one will be charged, come in a van under 6ft 4ins tall and do something for your area and for the environment.

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