Boris runs scared of the Andrew Neil interviews on the BBC

Every leader has been on the Andrew Neil interview show apart from Boris Johnson with claims he is running scared.

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Andrew Neil’s interviews are balanced and he is calling on each leader to tell the truth more directly, it has thrown up some interesting interviews.

The body language experts amongst us have been very busy with these interviews, with each leader showing lots of stress with questions that they probably would not have been asked in other interviews.

Nigel Farage was next up last night and at one point looked like he was just about to throw in the towel, the Brexit Party leader though stuck it out and managed to tell everyone that he may not be voting for his party in the General Election.

The NHS is on the line and the UK cannot be so gullible to fall for the tricks from Johnson and Farage who will link up with one of the worst US presidents in history.

Boris needs to appear on this show, why is he running away for? it makes him look like a coward, a bad leader, a wimp? all the names apply here if he is a man of truth he would appear, or maybe its a trick on us all, were at the last moment he turns up making him look great to the gullible amongst us.

The UK needs change and the people of this country needs to understand that although this General Election is about Brexit, it is much more than that, we ask people to remember what the Tories have done in the time they have been in power, the damage they have caused communities, the deaths they are responsible for trying in every way to get the UK like the US, by voting for Boris that goal will be reached.

Corbyn has his critics, of course some of what he has said is election garbage just like every politician right now, the difference is he would be a better leader, protecting the most vulnerable, and also remember if he does manage to get in as PM next week he will be left with a huge debt created by the Tories and not Labour.

Since the Tories came to power they have borrowed way more than Labour did, you cannot call Corbyn a racist he has come out and actually done something with anti-semitism and actively talks with Jewish people, whereas Boris calling Muslim women ‘Letter Boxes’ and black people should go to Bongo Bongo land are much worse.

Politicians lie all of the time, just Boris lies and runs away from a simple interview makes him and his party look like a bunch of crooks, we ask him to show up to regain what little respect he has in the country.

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