We reveal where people are most happiest in Trafford and it’s not in Altrincham

Altrincham won the rightmove award for happiest place in the North West so we conducted our own poll and revealed something very different here in Trafford.


Altrincham came first in the Rightmove.co.uk poll not just in Trafford but the entire North West for being the happiest place to live, this is a big achievement however Altrincham residents are actually not very happy!

Only 13% of people out of 1000 voted for Altrincham being the happiest place to live.

Here then is our own poll for many areas in Trafford:

Sale came out tops with 63% and wins our poll for being the happiest place to live in Trafford.

Second was Urmston with 50% of the vote and in third place Partington with 25% of the vote.

Outside the top three, Flixton, Old Trafford and Timperley all got 17% and next which would be 7th place was Altrincham who could only manage 13% and last and the most unhappy is Stretford who got zero!

Trafford is a great place to work and play, we have lower crime rates of any area of Manchester, some of the best shopping facilities anywhere.

Many though will be asking why and how the council is buying up everything, for example have you ever come across a council buying a Sainsbury’s store? or a Royal Mail building? and where are they getting all this money from? questions we have asked one Trafford Labour councillor who has yet to respond.

For this moment we congratulate Sale as being the happies place to live in Trafford and a further congratulations to Partington who came third.

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