MV head for relegation after losing at home 10-39 to Didsbury Toc H

Trafford MV’s season slides towards relegation after losing at home to Didsbury Toch H.

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Didsbury opened strongly and for the first 20 minutes MV hardly managed to get out of their own half.

MV were lucky to contain the visitors to just 2 unconverted tries, 0-10 was not looking a promising scoreline however MV did make some effort to pull their game together and obtain better possession bringing a penalty to narrow to 3-10.

The game had become more competitive but Toc were still running hard and punching holes in MV’s defence and it came as a shock to the visitors as MV forced a break down the wing for Luke Shaw to race away and get the touchdown.

Pat Eccles converted to level, surprisingly, at 10-10 just before the half time whistle blew.

Trafford MV really needed to keep their composure and build on what they had ended the half with, especially when Toc had a prop red carded as MV’s Clegg was yellow carded.

MV failed to make this advantage pay at any point in the second period. As in the previous weeks cup game Toc struck early with a further 2 unconverted tries making it 10-20, and after this MV’s heads dropped and to make things worse captain Pat Eccles came off injured.

Quigley was carded late in the game and the team failed to have much direction in their play. Players slipped off tackles, huge gaps were left at lineouts and positional kicking left much to be desired. further tries came late in the game as MV had hung their boots out to dry and the visiting kicker finally found some form banging over 2 long range conversions from the touchline.

Rugby is much about basics and without a good scrum and lineout providing good possession and a structured style of play then MV will continue to struggle. New Year needs new attitudes and a commitment to excellence if relegation is to be avoided.

This weekend MV travel to West Park St Helens for what will undoubtedly be a tough game.

Playing at home in Sale are MV’s 2nd XV against old friends Upper Eden from Cumbria ko 2.15pm

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