David Bellamy naturalist and broadcaster has died aged 86

David Bellamy the naturalist and broadcaster has passed away aged 86.

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David Bellamy in the woods

On the Conservation Foundation website a Director called David Shreeve paid tribute to him saying:

Sadly, I have to report that David Bellamy died this morning.  David and I worked together on a variety of projects in a various places since launching The Conservation Foundation in 1982.

He was a larger-than-life character who became a very special friend and teacher. He inspired  a whole generation with his wide range of interests and enthusiasm which knew no bounds.

The Conservation Foundation was very special to him and so today is very sad for all of us.

Bellamy was an Author, broadcaster, environmental campaigner, and a botanist, he also was awarded an OBE, you can find out more about David by clicking https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Bellamy

The Conservation Foundation statement https://conservationfoundation.co.uk/farewell-to-our-friend/

David Bellamy died on 11 December 2019,  we will get more information on his death shortly.

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