Official Pictures on the set of the crime drama ‘Traces’ can be yours!

We have got pictures no one else has on the set of crime drama Traces at the old social club on Warburton Lane in Partington and you can get your own right here.

Top quality pictures from a very good photographer:

Traces actor Martin Compston

On the set of Traces a crime drama on the Alibi Channel, here he is see coming from the old Partington social club in Manchester


Traces: On the set at Partington Social Club

Here is a picture of the damage caused when a fire bug torched the social club in Partington and a couple of years later it was the set for the crime drama Traces, unique photo.


Forensics on the set of Traces

Here is a great picture of a group of forensics and a digger just outside the old social club



Entrance to Secrets on the set of Traces

Here is the entrance to the 'Secrets club' on the set of the crime drama Traces in Partington


Flowers left on the set of Traces

A huge bunch of flowers was left outside


We have more pictures in our official download store which you can find by going to the home page and checking the menu at the top, everything is safe on the website and using the paypal system ensures you of even more security, you pay and download the picture and as many as you want.

The photographer has told us any money gained from the Traces pictures will be donated to Action for Children.

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