Be a secret santa this year and help give a child a present this Christmas

Be a secret santa this year and help children enjoy a good Christmas this year.

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Child animation: Credit Action For Children


Action For Children is our favourite charity, they give every penny you donate to children up and down the UK in the form of a present.

Can you imagine back in the day when you were a child, remember the excitement well before the big day and the buying of presents by mum and/or dad the smells of sellotape, and that Christmas tree you can see with all the presents for you and your sister/s or brother/s just waiting to be ripped open.

The working mum and/or dad puts into making the Christmas so special is often forgotten, the making of the dinner probably more time consuming than anything else, it just has to be right, doesn’t it?

Now imagine again that you kind of got excited in the run-up to Christmas, you instinctively know that Christmas is about presents, maybe your pals have mentioned what they hope to get, this makes it a little bit more exciting, but no smells, nothing is under the tree, for some a tree is not even present, no Christmasy things anywhere! just the same place, the same cold, the same hunger.

The big day arrives, it’s the same every year on Christmas Day morning you can hear a pin drop, but you wake up and Santa has not bothered, can you imagine how that would feel? no warm dinner! and feeling miserable, it would hurt even more when your pals come around with their new presents! you are a child remember you cannot ignore it or make excuses like an adult can.

Action for Children as well as other children charities will help those who have no Christmas have a Christmas this year, have a warm dinner and be happy they have something.

Please for this moment spare a thought for children who have nothing, through no fault of their own, and please donate something as soon as you can.
You can donate a one-off payment or better to donate every month of any amount you want, everything will help!

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