Winter solstice 2019 is approaching and the nights get lighter again

Winter soltice 2019 is approaching and it will mean the mornings get darker and the evenings get lighter.


The solstice is on December 22 at around 4am here in the UK, not many people will notice the difference as the time differences will be only one minute a day, so on Christmas Day we will have an extra three minutes of light during the evening.

Winter solstice means simply shortest day and longest night, and the summer solstice is the other way, longest day and shortest night.

You can find out all about the winter solstice https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter_solstice

Having lighter nights is great for many things, warm sunshine during the summer months, all that vitamin D from the sun, you are much safer out cycling or out and about during lighter nights and of course you can do more in that day.



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