Three-storey block of flats to be built behind the Throstles Nest hotel in Old Trafford

A block of flats are proposed to be built behind the Throstles Nest Hotel in Old Trafford.

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If approved at Trafford planning the three-storey building will comprise of 18 new one bedroom flats.

The revised plans we believe will be approved at planning, the site at the back is the ideal location for these flats and with one bedroom flats in Trafford being so scarce these days it would be of great benefit to the community.

The proposed housing development is more on Skerton Road than Seymour Grove

Next to the proposed building is the Throstles Nest which has been standing for decades, on a well known bookings website it says the hotel is not taking any reservations.

Old Trafford although classed with Partington as being deprived it has lots of strengths, community spirit is good and they have award winning schools! lots of shops and entertainment and of course some of the best sporting facilities right on your doorstep.

Getting around Old Trafford is easy, with many roads taking you anywhere you need to go, good public transport links with buses and the Metrolink not far away.


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