Rare Lapwing bird display caught on camera in Trafford

We capture a rare Lapwing Bird display in Trafford.


Lapwing: Image and videos Darren Marsden

The birds have been on farmland near to Sinderland Lane in Broadheath Altrincham for some weeks, the estimated amount of lapwings was around 200, they mixed with other birds but just sat there, they only moved when cars was going past at the normal 90 MPH.

Today 25 December 2019 they were captured in action, and we caught them on camera, the light though was fading and the only thing to hand was a iPhone.

We are aware of two lapwing birds and have seen and took video of them on land where a huge housing development is due to be built soon on Heath Farm Lane in Partington.

It is currently unknown why so many of them was on farm land of Sinderland Lane and class this as a rare event.

We had an independent expert verify this bird as a Lapwing.

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