Half a million animals have perished in the Australia bush fires

Almost half a million animals have died since the bush fires started in Australia.


Kangaroo escapes the fires in Australia: Image from Facebook

With the situation well out of control, the fires consume everything in its path and sadly it is claimed 480,000 animals and more will continue to die due to the intense heat and no rain predicted for the foreseeable future.

NSW authorities are telling local people they better evacuate as soon as they can this weekend as fires come ever closer to people and their homes.
We were surprised that the authorities in Sydney decided to have around 20 minutes of fireworks on New Years Day.

Twenty people have died since the fires started back in September, if people in New South Wales do not leave this weekend more people will perish, the firefighters are doing everything they can alongside the military to stop these fires.

Temperatures will get to around 46c that is 114.8F on Saturday and Sunday the heat itself will claim some people with the fires the area will get to around 130F.

The animals that have died are Kangaroos, Koalas, and everything else that lived in the land the fires have consumed.

It is thought that a climate system in the Indian Ocean called a dipole caused the fires, a dipole is the Indian version of El Nino.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been criticised for his response to the crisis leading to conspiracy theories that something is going on behind the scenes.

The Australian summer season has a couple of months left and with the firefighters and the military fighting hard the weather is not helping and more devastation is predicted, the people of Australia, the animals need some help from the heavens.

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