New 5G mast and twelve antennas to go up on Higher Road in Urmston this month

A 5G mast and 12 antennas will be installed on Higher Road in Urmston this month.

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The masts owned by EE and Three has been approved by Trafford Council they have also approved a 5G mast outside McDonalds at Trafford Retail Park although we do not yet have a date for this installation.

Mobile network operators claim that the masts are just an upgrade then later down the line to admit what they have done is mix a 5G cell with 4G and 3G cells, the Higher Road one though is different.

This mast will come with 12 antennas which is where things become problematic, we have always said that once the antennas have been installed health issues will result more so for the people that have to live around them due to the increase in power.

For antennas to be installed something called Massive MIMO which means Multiple Input Multiple Output would have to be nearby which is incredibly powerful and will cause more people to have headaches, nose bleeds, more anxiety and other ailments.

Once the antennas are working it will start a thing called ‘beam forming’ which is a pile of beams that we cannot see, beam forming is not a new technology, if you have Sky TV this uses a beam that goes from the satellite, this is fine! the beam goes up to the sky with 5G beamforming it will follow you around no matter where you are.

Trafford councillors have believed ICNIRP yet we can tell you that the data is wrong! they say that people have to use a mobile phone to be safe 5mm away from the body, we will ask you now “Do you put your mobile phone to your head when you are on a call?” or “Where do you put you phone after a call or text?” we can bet right now you do not keep it 5 mm away from your body! so the data which is 12-years out of date is wrong!

We have not even spoken about the Elon Musk Starlink satellites yet which uses beam forming at an incredible 60GHz down to the ground, and next year 42,000 of these things will be in low earth orbit.

The new 5G mast and antennas will go up on Higher Road in Urmston on 27 January 2020 work will be finished by the 5 Feb 2020.

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